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~ Rigatoni Rugby ~ | Germany

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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 18 players | 2020-05-21T08:22:20.174Z

3QWERTY|SPAIN26211.24128% Germany
1VoiceOfTruth51222.32148% Russian Federation
1EchoOfNow24191.26035% Germany
1l0ver24231.04023% Russian Federation
1Ravioli3250.1218% Italy
0!s]Obstriegel29271.07043% Germany
0Arcelo17280.61023% Germany
0sgt.redgun.aut10230.43117% Sweden
0stupidreptiloid260.33025% Russian Federation

1Momo49291.69052% Germany
1Nix37271.37035% Germany
1XD~16141.14124% Germany
0OldMan21220.95333% Germany
0Starve21290.72138% Czech Republic
0Heoпытный12260.46130% Russian Federation
0gotcha*10160.63420% Germany
0{oJo}160.1706% Russian Federation
llll Norway
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