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insta_ctf snapper_rocks | auth | public | 07:48 left | 19/24 players

1User460.67020% Ukraine52
1JAZZOCC360.5012% 37
0(GoT)vis*RS*asp1371.86040% Serbia42
0?thislife.hpp951.8124% India210
0Void861.33026% 30
0[Ñ]PigDeadBoy651.2022% 58

1(&)Penne_rigate150.2010% France52
0bauersraten1644040% United States of America183
0Peach541.25050% Switzerland32
0DutchRudder551025% United States of America137
0Stinkybob580.63020% 52
0Behemoth380.38033% France51
0apf03008% United States of America126
0PimmelsR4Ever06000% 68

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