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insta_ctf forge | auth | public | 04:01 left | 24/24 players

3vastrdoz18161.13024% United States of America157
2phoenixwright23151.53046% 75
1[RUSS]John-11730142.14035% Russian Federation87
1JAZZOCC21131.62042% 38
1JustMe17190.89025% United States of America134
1Toranaga11160.69119% Switzerland17
0Murh10170.59015% Finland58
0On8200.4015% Argentina233
0akdeniz-ailesi212028% Turkey72
0pb290.22012% 59

1Stinger15200.75035% Russian Federation77
0!s]DarkFire'46153.07043% United States of America134
0Radiatori1992.11044% France58
0lawnchair12150.8016% United States of America167
0Totenkopf11180.61018% United States of America114
0squiggle~10160.63018% 54
0Sergik@mac9210.43024% 33
0Spatz18120.67020% 38
0=DK=Mod616023% 57
0*Bs|DIVO00000% 119
0Ken0bi05000% France74
*<]:)GoT)vis*RS Serbia41
. 148
devnull 59

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