!mpressive Sauer Tracker
ServerModeMapTypeResultsClientsEnd time
D E M O P H O B I Ainsta_ctfreissenpublic202015-12-23T14:15:09.000Z
D E M O P H O B I Ainsta_ctfdust2public192015-12-23T14:04:44.000Z
D E M O P H O B I Ainsta_ctfmercurypublic132015-12-23T13:54:22.000Z
D E M O P H O B I Ainsta_ctfbad_moonpublic172015-12-23T13:44:00.000Z
D E M O P H O B I Ainsta_ctfasgardpublic212015-12-23T13:37:39.000Z
Copy the following line, paste it in the game, and press Enter to connect to the server: