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insta_ctf asgard | public | 21 players | 2015-12-23T13:37:39.000Z

2unnamed7416151.07120% Russian Federation
0Ozma31142.21033% Pakistan
0Motorhead21181.17032% Germany
0UnnameddemannU19141.36032% United States
0Bad_Pig{:::}9110.82034% Germany
0Polyamid130.33020% Germany
0adam1260.0407% Poland

0[RUS]ZveR35211.67038% Russian Federation
0psychedelicfish2483025% New Zealand
0[RVS]ZveR23201.15029% Greece
0shreked22201.1026% United States
0faraquet19200.95027% Croatia
0DaNzOn128150.53027% Poland
0SHIELD732.33033% Hungary
0GinkgoPower-11-100% Austria
0Kitty^-^-29-0.22210% Australia
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