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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 16 players | 2017-11-13T12:51:31.823Z

5Zoch31132.38032% Switzerland
2|GM|kalypso12170.71021% Germany
1lee-wales-uk18171.06047% United Kingdom
1dante380.38025% Egypt
0*-*46162.88143% Serbia
0wall-e5160.31020% Germany

1E...21270.78030% Romania
1Doctor11210.52027% Poland
0MakeMeFeel14101.4127% Belarus
0X3Q14170.82032% Germany
0Le_Dougre12150.8140% France
0{camper}dkfl-5111220.5025% Russian Federation
0BroncoBamma590.56033% Germany
0lucas_380.38033% Italy
Dak Italy
Papaya United States
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