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insta_ctf abbey | auth | public | 09:28 left | 19/24 players

1didisan1110100% Germany76
0FoieGras202042% France27
0Bs|OFFENBURG2020100% Germany25
0101010101025% Germany91
0RayRed111020% Germany25
0Mistery120.5050% France28
0Lightdasher00000% Portugal67
0Jolly-Jedi01000% Uzbekistan102
0StinkendeLeber01000% Germany30
0(&)Rigatoncini01000% Belarus119

0-NC-angst212040% Austria30
0lee-wales-uk212040% United Kingdom37
0SuperMan212050% Austria61
0bigweinersteve120.5025% United States of America140
0dontknow00000% Germany55
0DeathGod01000% Jamaica181
0SAAY02000% France38
0[CHT]Darwin-11-110% Switzerland22
(&)Barbina Germany36

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