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insta_ctf infamy | public | 18 players | 2017-11-13T00:37:23.511Z

5Dormouse47411.75140% United Kingdom
5KALIMUSCLE17210.81023% United States
2InkyKing15170.88418% Portugal
2MasterMooey9190.47226% United States
2evil.lord.vader4180.2208% Poland
1Intention23112.09046% Russian Federation
1medicine1191.22116% Germany
0Insta_player623050% Bulgaria

2EURON7240.29028% Italy
1your_mother10170.59028% United Kingdom
1мaмa2130.15123% Russian Federation
0miseria34191.79037% Argentina
0squiggle~20220.91026% United Kingdom
0Kim12180.67048% Switzerland
0a_gay_noob10200.5019% Germany
0agamura260.33018% Russian Federation
0Cewing00000% United States
savage United States
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