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insta_ctf mill | public | 14 players | 2021-01-08T00:30:07.857Z

3Polowonix25161.56023% Germany
2wlkn29171.71033% United States
2um.D-Brau19191027% United States
1Lokillo26161.63122% Colombia
1stigman8270.3012% United States
0eric23112.09027% New Caledonia
0Maga-11-100% Netherlands

0KoндpK46182.56032% Serbia
0Perussola20330.61122% Italy
0Mojo9160.56028% Netherlands
0Nippers340.75126% Germany
0Daniel_LaRusso3200.15410% Canada
0undeadslayer4-124-0.0410% Canada
FakeDemocracy Russian Federation
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