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insta_ctf garden | public | 24 players | 2020-08-03T20:38:25.837Z

1Zack31122.58021% Germany
0bb_202049163.06237% Germany
0wlkn38201.9043% Australia
0WF[ALBACETE]25350.71219% Germany
0Ag!21310.68127% Germany
0Nippers20400.5027% Germany
0Dragan16410.39026% Germany
0Lokillo15111.36032% United States
0(&)Torchio7260.2718% Sweden
0murdog370.43015% Australia
0JohnTheSniper00000% Russian Federation

0pimp54262.08049% Italy
0phoenixwright34152.27041% Germany
0WF[CATALONIA]33271.22034% Russian Federation
0Gladiator21330.64124% Germany
0opus20310.65117% France
0Scuba1972.71052% Australia
0Poppic16210.76113% Germany
0Le_Dougre4120.33020% France
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