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~ Rigatoni Rugby ~ | Germany

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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 28 players | 2020-06-29T18:00:21.235Z

3QWERTY|SPAIN29241.21025% Germany
3olive1782.13140% Italy
2Keule7150.47014% Germany
1kong26261122% Germany
1looser7110.64025% Slovakia
0Zowie58272.15044% Germany
0Samarrah36132.77041% Sweden
0wall-e34301.13134% Germany
0niinistö24231.04120% Finland
0Jazzman18200.9040% Sweden
0Divine_Wolf15200.75027% Germany
0trucutrucu10230.43120% Germany

1-NC-angst25241.04026% Sweden
0[nF]addixn51301.7140% India
0O.M22181.22033% United Kingdom
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS19111.73073% Serbia
0Blak_Topaz19280.68035% Italy
0oPUS13250.52226% France
0hummus861.33036% Germany
0Rmn7270.26015% Slovenia
0|DM|benzomatic441023% Germany
0IronSnout2160.13013% Bosnia and Herzegovina
0AllCall1160.0601% Slovenia
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