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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 21 players | 2020-06-25T15:06:23.055Z

2{camper}dkfl-5119310.61027% Russian Federation
1addixn43212.05141% India
1Mo1872.57036% Germany
1HuevoColgandero18280.64125% Germany
0Tunix22221323% Germany
0Maisels_Weisse20320.63221% Germany
0Abarok9340.2616% Belarus
0Perussola221016% Italy
0porteavion180.1305% France

1Nix45192.37036% Germany
1TingTongJr16270.5909% Slovenia
1goodstuff13330.39113% Australia
1<=SrdN=>991018% Italy
0_s39251.56135% Bulgaria
0[RUSS]julia38251.52031% Russian Federation
0Jazzman36321.13043% Sweden
0BiteItYouScum17230.74030% Germany
0Winston9160.56022% United Kingdom
0tox03000% Russian Federation
0CRYO-14-0.2510% United Kingdom
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