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insta_ctf snapper_rocks | public | 27 players | 2020-06-08T18:09:26.034Z

2MuhKuh17350.49229% Germany
2Mo-Ti6100.6033% Germany
1Bossanova-12-0.500% Italy
0Zowie52232.26045% Germany
0021131.62042% Serbia
0Python21230.91223% Russian Federation
0tox21270.78124% Russian Federation
0dp2614150.93028% Germany
0tuta_44hz732.33134% Serbia
0бp02330.0618% Russian Federation
0CRYO-532-0.1624% United Kingdom

2anidiot23260.88125% United States
1(&)Amstrad_GX4k20201124% Germany
1QWERTY|SPAIN15141.07128% Germany
1Winston13330.39013% United Kingdom
0Momo61212.9138% Germany
0alcoholic30251.2025% Russian Federation
0Steno2.020121.67132% Italy
0Tiger7260.27116% Australia
0Airaz017310.23214% United States
0CaravanOfLove00000% Germany
0Marcrack-12-0.500% Germany
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