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insta_ctf snapper_rocks | public | 20 players | 2020-06-03T03:36:46.449Z

4Lord-Grummel23240.96123% Germany
3BigBuffyBoy8523240.96028% Australia
3LisaTheGreat21230.91022% Australia
2Sabrina19191118% United States
2BRA-asdf12280.43024% Russian Federation
1[tBMC]swatllama24211.14133% Australia
0[tBMC]phobo20151.33323% Australia
0RocketSauce160.1706% Australia

2|LaTn|Edux19300.63117% Japan
1RedTurtleX20290.69032% Australia
0Frosty|sp4nk|48163034% United States
0[tBMC]firefly35221.59131% Australia
0ShadyCoon4321300.7032% Australia
0bensocket5110.45020% Australia
0SmellyCrungus5160.31016% Australia
0NooBa3240.1302% United States
0superpishulazo013001% Chile
Bender. United States
Mexica Mexico
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