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insta_ctf hidden | public | 21 players | 2020-06-03T03:16:46.284Z

3Lord-Grummel12130.92018% Germany
2[RUSS]julia55115045% Russian Federation
2LisaTheGreat29142.07023% Australia
2Sabrina1381.63018% United States
2DeathKnight_HUN8110.73024% Hungary
1|LaTn|Edux12150.8011% Japan
1Radek12170.71027% United States
0aron8140.57019% United States

0[tBMC]phobo21171.24016% Australia
0RedTurtleX20171.18024% Australia
0BigBuffyBoy8515280.54024% Australia
0bensocket14190.74117% Australia
0ShadyCoon4313270.48023% Australia
0Tirzan8240.33021% United States
0superpishulazo240.5013% Chile
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