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insta_ctf mercury | public | 16 players | 2020-06-03T02:55:44.082Z

3Lord-Grummel22240.92017% Germany
2bensocket23211.1028% Australia
1a_theory28171.65024% Australia
0Gambit25251134% Australia
0RedTurtleX18171.06122% Australia
0[RUSS]julia842040% Russian Federation
0SmellyCrungus590.56011% Australia
0akuma00000% Mexico

1LisaTheGreat24270.89021% Australia
1|LaTn|Edux15340.44012% Japan
0Sabrina29241.21024% United States
0[tBMC]phobo17240.71013% Australia
0BlueWombat16250.64018% Australia
0Bender.1243019% United States
0ShadyCoon43111016% Australia
Mexica Mexico
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