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insta_ctf valhalla | public | 27 players | 2020-06-02T21:26:47.292Z

2VoiceOfTruth37123.08040% Russian Federation
1tuta_44hz51163.19036% Serbia
1X_Æ_A-1218200.9216% Portugal
1movingWall1791.89027% United States
1apf15270.56018% Australia
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS69203.45052% Serbia
0GenghisKhan25211.19027% Germany
0anti-you18171.06024% Germany
0kong8210.38213% Germany
0Phantomas5170.29021% Mexico
0(&)Gemelli260.33011% Italy

1wlkn36311.16139% Australia
1conebone27271031% Germany
1ThyArtisMurder18280.64032% Germany
1CHAKALL16190.84020% Bulgaria
0Kopatel19240.79022% Russian Federation
0Le_Dougre12240.5019% France
0Toranaga9260.35013% Switzerland
0Bossanova6210.29035% Italy
0FredTheRed6340.18010% Italy
0|LaTn|Edux590.56014% Japan
0Krawattenbinder414040% Germany
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