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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 28 players | 2020-06-02T20:55:22.777Z

4anti-you24221.09030% Germany
3Alpha21141.5216% Italy
2imdumb6150.408% Italy
1CHAKALL38123.17232% Bulgaria
1VoT_stinkt28191.47143% Germany
1Bossanova11260.42030% Italy
0Tatwaffe22151.47226% Germany
0[RUSS]Messer14240.5812% Russian Federation
0Le_Dougre8110.73129% France
0kong641.5023% Germany
0tuta_44hz212018% Serbia

2eat_my_bubbles19220.86117% Australia
2conebone18300.6029% Germany
1ThyArtisMurder19270.7027% Germany
0Mexica29221.32029% Mexico
0X_Æ_A-1218121.5030% Portugal
0Murrr17111.55035% Germany
0GenghisKhan13310.42113% Germany
0RT_6260.2315% Japan
0Jason5140.3617% Greece
0RocketSauce390.3316% Australia
0gersomm260.3307% France
0smallHorror-11-100% Australia
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