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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 22 players | 2020-06-02T20:46:15.891Z

4conebone27261.04023% Germany
3Snape18250.72118% Russian Federation
2eat_my_bubbles23221.05119% Australia
1(&)Gemelli22260.85020% Italy
1RT_12200.6017% Japan
0Tatwaffe1644030% Germany
0[RUSS]Messer14290.4804% Russian Federation
0Kluster9220.41026% Norway
0CHAKALL541.25020% Bulgaria
0anti-you00000% Germany

2Mexica30211.43126% Mexico
2Alpha23161.44021% Italy
2CaravanOfLove19181.06025% Germany
1ThyArtisMurder12180.67036% Germany
0GenghisKhan35201.75229% Germany
0Chief_Nick6190.3204% Australia
0r0xx0rd202020% Germany
0VoT_stinkt212028% Germany
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