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insta_ctf bad_moon | public | 27 players | 2020-06-02T20:25:17.483Z

2tuta_44hz41271.52130% Serbia
2conebone28261.08026% Germany
2Bossanova15290.52122% Italy
1hummus29291026% Germany
1Chief_Nick13270.48214% Australia
1Ogre_Dew13310.42320% Australia
0=DK=hamon46192.42054% Germany
0Mo-Ti18280.64021% Germany
0eat_my_bubbles17210.81313% Australia
0schnitzel17280.61019% Germany
0Phantomas17290.59121% Mexico
0BBC-NEWS8190.4229% Japan

2[RUSS]Messer25350.7124% Russian Federation
1=DK=Odysseus57232.48232% Germany
1CHAKALL24201.2428% Bulgaria
1acolarh24280.86023% Denmark
0Mexica46271.7230% Mexico
0ЫTЬ33241.38126% Russian Federation
0(&)Gemelli25300.83120% Italy
0mata_noob23280.82123% Russian Federation
0niinistö22290.76211% Finland
0ThyArtisMurder19300.63025% Germany
0Snape18260.69116% Russian Federation
0Jason8270.318% Greece
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