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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 27 players | 2020-06-02T17:39:30.672Z

3_fly16360.44225% Germany
2hurt_fillings43331.3042% Germany
2Sergik@mac23340.68019% Italy
1OldMan36351.03126% Germany
1CHAKALL21240.88126% Bulgaria
0B@@l_in_time29390.74019% Germany
0UkrainaForever19420.45120% Ukraine
0alcoholic8120.67124% Russian Federation
0a_theory340.75023% Australia
0EchoOfNow250.4022% Germany
0Ken0bi-117-0.0631% France

2niinistö44251.76019% Finland
2DarKing40825241.04022% France
2lsv761.17038% Ukraine
1fuck_antifa64272.37043% United States
1[RUSS]Messer30400.75211% Russian Federation
1JustMe14240.58018% Australia
1trucutrucu14250.56019% Germany
0BrutoBarbuto43143.07231% Italy
0olive29132.23044% Italy
0RocketSauce12240.5015% Australia
0(&)Tortellini8100.8017% Singapore
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