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insta_ctf haste | public | 17 players | 2020-06-02T03:59:45.616Z

2issy24250.96122% Australia
2Amiga_120012280.43218% France
1GoochPanooch18320.56126% Australia
1Kemelled13360.36214% Jamaica
0bensocket32340.94026% Australia
0lungandy31271.15024% Australia
0Milotic490.44230% Mexico

1vastrdoz55222.5139% Australia
1RedTurtleX41281.46135% Australia
1Vigilante8230.35011% Australia
0[tBMC]Duke40341.18030% Australia
0mata_noob27261.04321% Russian Federation
0Radek26221.18136% United States
0Metalliko101033% Russian Federation
0Meat_Crayon190.1107% Australia
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