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insta_ctf tejen | public | 16 players | 2020-06-02T03:49:16.511Z

2DeathKnight_HUN10220.45020% Hungary
1bensocket29261.12227% Australia
1Radek17220.77127% United States
0lungandy28281029% Australia
0mata_noob761.17021% Russian Federation
0Vigilante7200.35013% Australia
0NooBa130.3304% United States

2issy22171.29021% Australia
1RedTurtleX19340.56021% Australia
1UWUWUWWUWUWU16270.59015% Australia
0Slash14842202.1036% Japan
0[tBMC]Duke18141.29031% Australia
03761.17031% Australia
0Amiga_120000000% France
0GoochPanooch-214-0.14310% Australia
vastrdoz Australia
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