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insta_ctf fc5 | public | 16 players | 2020-06-02T00:59:20.193Z

3sonnyjim12160.75019% Australia
3Kal-la-kal-la5260.19016% Italy
2conebone17200.85129% Germany
1apf8160.5019% Australia
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS61242.54159% Serbia
0RocketSauce441057% Australia
0Scuba1010100% Australia

3dp2624260.92034% Germany
2|DM|trackpad65222.95061% Australia
2JustMe16310.52125% Australia
0NooBa6220.2704% United States
0OldMan570.71019% Germany
0(&)Penne_zita-29-0.2220% Angola
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