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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 26 players | 2020-06-01T21:03:16.283Z

3Theo18260.69124% Ukraine
2CyberSmurf35211.67334% Germany
2acolarh20320.63022% Denmark
1VoiceOfTruth44192.32139% Russian Federation
1Starszy12300.4030% Russian Federation
1(WU)old'dirty12340.35012% Chile
1Bossanova9230.39017% Italy
0yourFEAR58282.07046% Germany
0Krawattenbinder42221.91032% Germany
0Mo-Ti19280.68223% Germany
0Bender.16131.23026% United States
0Zowie15131.15038% Germany
0viagante2170.12113% Russian Federation

1JAZZOCC39291.34034% Germany
1VoT_stinkt26231.13038% Germany
130020260.77120% New Zealand
1Chupachups10230.43022% Japan
0Krtek47411.15146% Belarus
0thelonious44271.63133% Sweden
0murdog37221.68241% Australia
0KRL12310.39013% Russian Federation
0Phantomas3110.27027% Mexico
0JanezKranjski3250.1247% Slovenia
0CHAKALL00000% Bulgaria
Tristan05 Switzerland
Mexica Mexico
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