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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 26 players | 2020-06-01T20:42:29.988Z

4yourFEAR60154040% Germany
2Krtek71282.54150% Belarus
2paкeтa30271.11027% Germany
2Mero|tee|11250.44117% Russian Federation
130029221.32119% New Zealand
1hummus28251.12138% Germany
1wlkn18220.82020% Australia
1KRL13270.48117% Russian Federation
1emma4120.3305% Germany
0EndTheLockdown11310.35016% Italy
0(WU)old'dirty7270.2606% Chile

1QWERTY|SPAIN19200.95421% Germany
0Zowie59282.11049% Germany
0CyberSmurf32271.19329% Germany
0acolarh21290.72121% Denmark
0schnitzel15250.6022% Germany
0Chupachups7160.44016% Japan
0Mo-Ti670.86118% Germany
0Alpha6100.6030% Italy
0VoT_stinkt515071% Germany
0JanezKranjski5360.1414% Slovenia
0JAZZOCC360.5020% Germany
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