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insta_ctf garden | public | 28 players | 2020-06-01T20:32:00.999Z

3QWERTY|SPAIN43261.65027% Germany
3porteavion16320.5211% France
1BRA-asdf26330.79129% Russian Federation
1Starszy24122044% Russian Federation
1Mero|tee|551016% Russian Federation
0paкeтa29201.45232% Germany
0EndTheLockdown16410.39016% Italy
0erPicci15370.41316% Italy
0Vodka-the-king12170.71221% United Kingdom
030012200.6218% New Zealand
0Crowd>sata1161.83025% Russian Federation
0(WU)old'dirty8320.2519% Chile

2Krtek90253.6049% Belarus
1acolarh33231.43020% Denmark
1Barfication12220.55018% Germany
0tuta_44hz43202.15130% Serbia
0hummus25310.81127% Germany
0yourFEAR24122234% Germany
0KRL17320.53021% Russian Federation
0JanezKranjski15250.6112% Slovenia
0schnitzel14200.7118% Germany
0emma10130.77022% Germany
0Phantomas10150.67028% Mexico
0viagante370.43037% Russian Federation
0Beermonger3270.1103% Italy
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