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insta_ctf mill | public | 26 players | 2020-06-01T20:21:31.872Z

4KRL8230.35017% Russian Federation
2CyberSmurf37172.18134% Germany
2QWERTY|SPAIN15230.65116% Germany
1tuta_44hz42143027% Serbia
1acolarh18181016% Denmark
0Zowie47143.36038% Germany
0erPicci15180.83022% Italy
0EndTheLockdown10230.43015% Italy
0Beermonger10240.42216% Italy
0schnitzel8170.47013% Germany
0JanezKranjski7160.44111% Slovenia
0tas&cerWIN5190.26114% Russian Federation

1Kopatel28251.12128% Russian Federation
1zen20230.87128% Germany
1(WU)old'dirty7290.2408% Chile
030027201.35124% New Zealand
0Krtek23151.53037% Belarus
0BRA-asdf1462.33045% Russian Federation
0paкeтa1226030% Germany
0gersomm11200.55011% France
0hummus991037% Germany
0Phantomas9140.64128% Mexico
0Starszy9190.47031% Russian Federation
0murmouse7150.47213% Russian Federation
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