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insta_ctf valhalla | public | 25 players | 2020-06-01T20:10:58.767Z

1acolarh26201.3031% Denmark
1tas&cerWIN23240.96030% Russian Federation
1AR|Sh1n0b121191.11236% Australia
1XOTABbI19250.76016% Belarus
0olive37231.61045% Italy
0CyberSmurf36281.29135% Germany
0tuta_44hz33231.43030% Serbia
0bin_schon_tot30251.2036% Germany
0zen18181027% Germany
0Alpha12140.86125% Italy
0Phantomas12170.71016% Mexico
0Kluster7170.41018% Norway

0|DM|iZuck71262.73051% Germany
03002373.29133% New Zealand
0Sauerkraut22330.67027% Australia
0Kopatel20280.71126% Russian Federation
0Ann11240.46028% Australia
0QWERTY|SPAIN824022% Germany
0schnitzel7230.3023% Germany
0gersomm6180.33012% France
0KRL470.57135% Russian Federation
0(WU)old'dirty170.14012% Chile
0TheHEROESSS1100.105% Turkey
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