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insta_ctf spcr | public | 26 players | 2020-06-01T19:50:00.549Z

3Mero|tee|8270.309% Russian Federation
2|DM|iZuck53163.31053% Germany
1Hector21181.17327% United States
0CyberSmurf34231.48031% Germany
0Nit_Ram28261.08232% Germany
0AduKong10200.5213% Germany
0Fabi10240.42115% Germany
0Phantomas8180.44038% Mexico
0(HUN)Flóra690.67018% Hungary
0tas&cerWIN240.5015% Russian Federation
0(&)Penne_zita018011% Angola

1GłogówieckiKot29231.26030% Russian Federation
1Tatwaffe26251.04029% Germany
1B@@l_in_time21131.62030% Germany
1(&)Tortellini10280.36014% Singapore
1Radiatori541.25023% France
030032271.19023% New Zealand
0Theo22102.2238% Ukraine
0you18260.69028% Australia
0acolarh9100.9018% Denmark
0smerf_maruda460.67120% Russian Federation
0imdumb3190.1609% Italy
0lederstrumpf01000% Germany
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