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insta_ctf urban_c | public | 22 players | 2020-06-01T19:39:31.498Z

2Hector17151.13114% United States
1BRA-asdf21240.88026% Russian Federation
1Fabi10220.45120% Germany
0Nit_Ram33221.5041% Germany
0GłogówieckiKot25151.67030% Russian Federation
030020210.95018% New Zealand
0(&)Tortellini16170.94023% Singapore
0you14230.61016% Australia
0addixn851.6130% India

0Tatwaffe34261.31033% Germany
0BayconSlotter32152.13125% Australia
0CyberSmurf24201.2024% Germany
0Mero|tee|15230.65021% Russian Federation
0UkrainaForever14220.64021% Ukraine
0Phantomas8150.53021% Mexico
0Amiga_12007160.44025% France
0#Cube250.4018% Japan
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