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insta_ctf reissen | public | 19 players | 2020-06-01T19:28:58.276Z

2B@@l_in_time22240.92023% Germany
2smerf_maruda20240.83022% Russian Federation
2justapingthing17151.13027% Australia
2UkrainaForever10230.43123% Ukraine
1CyberSmurf42192.21231% Germany
1Tatwaffe17250.68020% Germany
0pingovich10130.77126% Japan
0Fabi9180.5218% Germany
0you5210.24019% Australia

2Hector16190.84025% United States
1Nit_Ram38221.73143% Germany
130032251.28025% New Zealand
0GłogówieckiKot18290.62123% Russian Federation
0Mero|tee|7180.39027% Russian Federation
0(&)Tortellini6280.21217% Singapore
0AduKong4190.21317% Germany
0Phantomas1190.05021% Mexico
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