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insta_ctf wdcd | public | 21 players | 2020-05-31T22:08:20.972Z

3Maisels_Weisse13290.45016% Germany
1Behemoth13380.34019% France
1BabaLAN7310.23213% Germany
1FckLoL7340.21113% Germany
0movingWall77233.35039% United States
0dp2638311.23030% Germany
0grotovonbismark21340.62017% Australia
0Lameux.hpp818047% Australia
0apf6270.22014% Australia
0VoiceOfTruth404066% Russian Federation
0LollaBunny350.6140% Bulgaria

330047241.96126% New Zealand
1X_Æ_A-1243241.79025% Portugal
1Brazenrod11380.29121% Australia
1|SM|negus111012% Hungary
0ЫTЬ25290.86124% Russian Federation
0[tBMC]tnyELVIS!21201.05032% Australia
0pu$$yd3stroyer360.5012% Chile
0MrDoom250.4016% Chile
0quake1200150.205% Australia
CyberSmurf Germany
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