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insta_ctf nucleus | public | 19 players | 2020-05-29T17:36:30.701Z

4F!!!***21131.62014% Turkey
4GenghisKhan1381.63019% Germany
3Mac-rond10150.67025% France
1WF[CATALONIA]1281.5138% Russian Federation
0Ann10101125% Australia
0angrymob370.43015% Russian Federation
0imdumb230.67133% Italy

2Dr_Monkey16101.6122% France
0Barry$17180.94133% Russian Federation
0Starve14190.74023% Czech Republic
0CyberSmurf9140.64118% Germany
0OldMan7160.44216% Germany
0Sevennendreas441025% Germany
0Vulpes360.507% Russian Federation
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