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insta_ctf snapper_rocks | public | 17 players | 2020-05-23T23:23:36.778Z

4*<]:)GoT)vis*RS89155.93150% Serbia
2DarKing40812250.48017% France
1ЫTЬ24300.8027% Russian Federation
1Fo.013280.46126% Switzerland
0Radek18190.95027% United States

1RedTurtleX18240.75024% Australia
1apf11230.48026% Australia
030031271.15023% New Zealand
0feka1ity29320.91226% Bulgaria
0Kartins22330.67032% France
0angrymob11440.25012% Russian Federation
0(&)Tripoline-25-0.400% Mexico
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