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insta_ctf arbana | public | 22 players | 2020-05-23T23:04:28.667Z

3'sync[PL]DON20102039% Russian Federation
3Radek19310.61232% United States
1yarrojakson27231.17032% Germany
0(&)Radiatori67302.23252% Australia
0Ozma42331.27030% Australia
0CHAKALL27320.84221% Bulgaria
0ЫTЬ20310.65015% Russian Federation
0LollaBunny7180.39013% Bulgaria
0angrymob5380.13213% Russian Federation

2apf12290.41027% Australia
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS68232.96050% Serbia
030030310.97123% New Zealand
02cm/36024300.8021% Germany
0Ladycat719121.58034% Slovenia
0Kartins18320.56025% France
0DarKing40812300.4021% France
0(&)Tagliatelle10120.83121% France
0[tBMC]tnyELVIS!560.83014% Australia
0feka1ity4100.4020% Bulgaria
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