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insta_ctf autumn | public | 25 players | 2020-05-23T21:20:23.066Z

2[tBMC]tnyELVIS!30320.94029% Australia
1PupsiPupsTee28191.47339% Germany
1VoiceOfTruth17151.13024% Russian Federation
1buttersss16230.7216% Greece
1Chief_Nick12150.8014% Australia
1LollaBunny580.63116% Bulgaria
0|DM|iZuck78272.89052% Germany
0Zack34211.62022% Germany
0(&)Tagliatelle20191.05131% France
0EndTheLockdown17280.61020% Italy
0flagholder-kill111014% Germany
0AND120.5025% Sweden

1murdog31221.41026% Australia
1Mexica23112.09137% Mexico
1apf6290.21010% Australia
1angrymob6370.1607% Russian Federation
0Tatwaffe36281.29030% Germany
0lawnchair35271.3029% Australia
0CoronaZombie24191.26046% Germany
0Ragnacroc9260.35023% Japan
0murmouse771028% Russian Federation
0(&)Gomito3310.125% Slovenia
0KRL(RUS)130.33025% Russian Federation
Nix Germany
Muffy Australia
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