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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 21 players | 2020-05-23T20:59:20.712Z

4justapingthing28281130% Australia
2PupsiPupsTee15131.15044% Germany
1TrianG41321.28132% Latvia
1angrymob19370.51120% Russian Federation
1murdog16170.94022% Australia
1murmouse6150.4021% Russian Federation
0lawnchair19250.76126% Australia
0Ragnacroc14230.61316% Japan
0Chief_Nick4350.1115% Australia

2>>Slayer<<14200.7123% Russian Federation
1buttersss11240.46210% Greece
0|DM|iZuck90293.1157% Germany
0Zowie54183145% Germany
0Zack30142.14022% Germany
0acolarh25260.96126% Denmark
0(&)Gomito9230.3917% Slovenia
0LollaBunny4120.33120% Bulgaria
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