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~ Rigatoni Rugby ~ | Germany

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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 25 players | 2020-05-23T20:48:52.500Z

4acolarh26251.04030% Denmark
1cin44172.59135% Germany
1eat_my_bubbles17230.74017% Australia
1i_kick_cheaters16180.89119% France
1Snape13260.5015% Russian Federation
1angrymob11280.39013% Russian Federation
1Darmfee9190.47240% Germany
0VoiceOfTruth45241.88342% Russian Federation
0(&)Gomito8260.3117% Slovenia
0(&)Tagliatelle790.78126% France
0buttersss460.67125% Greece
0>>Slayer<<00000% Russian Federation

2TrianG33281.18027% Latvia
0Zowie41261.58036% Germany
0murdog37261.42148% Australia
0Zack25221.14220% Germany
0justapingthing24211.14121% Australia
0emma21230.91028% Germany
0Ragnacroc13200.65014% Japan
0apf13270.48025% Australia
0LollaBunny8100.8034% Bulgaria
0~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~1180.06221% Germany
0Chief_Nick00000% Australia
Nix Germany
*<]:)GoT)vis*RS Serbia
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