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insta_ctf bad_moon | public | 13 players | 2020-05-19T02:29:15.061Z

6[BOOF]SirBOOPHY17131.31030% Australia
3SegaPluto29122.42039% Australia
2sinky.nktod1443.5050% Australia
1(&)Ricciutelle4140.29010% United States
0MinorThreat48124063% Germany
0TingTong1110.0902% Slovenia

0Neutral15180.83325% Australia
0splat15250.6024% United States
0mayo12240.5023% Australia
0+Bazzled-11250.44116% Jamaica
0{camper}dkfl-519160.56020% Russian Federation
0ELKUKUY2140.14115% Japan
apf Australia
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