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insta_ctf hallo | public | 13 players | 2020-05-19T02:22:49.211Z

4(&)Ricciutelle5180.28019% United States
3MinorThreat69144.93046% Germany
1mayo14220.64025% Australia
0splat30211.43024% United States
0+Bazzled-10240.42110% Jamaica
0Winston9170.53024% United Kingdom
0{camper}dkfl-51-11-100% Russian Federation

1Neutral30251.2228% Australia
1[BOOF]SirBOOPHY21240.88021% Australia
0SegaPluto31221.41127% Australia
0apf6260.23011% Australia
0TingTong5180.2807% Slovenia
0ELKUKUY3130.23020% Japan
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