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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 21 players | 2020-05-18T22:02:00.990Z

2murmouse22270.81126% Russian Federation
1ЫTЬ23221.05120% Russian Federation
1justapingthing20230.87119% Australia
1pulse/eclipse15170.88023% Australia
1(wu)old'dirty14310.45010% Chile
1Trixter4130.31022% Australia
0thelonious20161.25140% Sweden
0TingTong7260.27311% Slovenia
0+Bazzled-5150.33222% Jamaica
0El38|Spectrum00000% Russian Federation
0Manelinux01000% Germany

4(&)Fideos21290.72130% France
3movingWall43202.15132% United States
2Rich+hoes.hpp77155.13141% United States
1Q14240.58117% Germany
1ELKUKUY10230.43119% Japan
0JustMe28251.12229% Australia
0IndyRef219280.68021% Italy
0>>Slayer<<10140.71033% Russian Federation
0LollaBunny590.56125% Bulgaria
0denti101050% Germany
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