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insta_ctf arbana | public | 27 players | 2020-05-15T17:18:40.795Z

1JAZZOCC44271.63041% Germany
0fatmonkeygenius101224.59157% Germany
0-NC-angst50271.85046% Sweden
0Nit_Ram35301.17140% Germany
0(&)Lumache29271.07129% Germany
0_fly24241032% Germany
0Newbee|Scarlett14250.56117% Sweden
0UkrainaForever14280.5031% Ukraine
0THEMASTER8180.44017% India
0Mac-rond120.5025% France
0newt00000% Italy

2Dr_Monkey25350.71025% France
1Kopatel24260.92034% Russian Federation
1ICC|cubelibre22390.56020% Italy
1Mero|tee|12350.34013% Switzerland
1Ken0bi9170.53033% France
0[RUSS]julia46311.48144% Russian Federation
0DiniMuetter39311.26129% Switzerland
0unbekannt29300.97026% Germany
0B@@l21340.62225% Germany
0justapingthing18200.9030% Australia
02019nCoV14350.4323% Russian Federation
0hummus13370.35027% Germany
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