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insta_ctf autumn | public | 27 players | 2020-05-15T17:08:12.239Z

4ICC|cubelibre35241.46026% Italy
4Dr_Monkey25231.09122% France
3-NC-angst20161.25132% Sweden
1DeathKnight_HUN22370.59123% Hungary
12019nCoV9300.3010% Russian Federation
0addixn38211.81040% India
0DiniMuetter18181118% Switzerland
0_fly11270.41016% Germany
0Mero|tee|9300.3014% Switzerland
0(&)Lumache6130.46012% Germany
0hummus5140.36027% Germany

1[RUSS]julia42251.68137% Russian Federation
1JAZZOCC33281.18033% Germany
1#!RE16320.5231% Russian Federation
0fatmonkeygenius78194.11253% Germany
0FlaskStealsRL41123.42131% Russian Federation
0B@@l18250.72018% Germany
0JL|FilsDePute18310.58023% France
0Kopatel16151.07131% Russian Federation
0Newbee|Scarlett15300.5115% Sweden
0can13390.33013% Turkey
0Fusselfrei04000% Germany
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