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insta_ctf reissen | public | 23 players | 2020-05-15T16:57:42.809Z

1ICC|cubelibre23300.77124% Italy
1DeathKnight_HUN14310.45023% Hungary
1Fusselfrei11240.46028% Germany
1can11280.39018% Turkey
0fatmonkeygenius52192.74242% Germany
0addixn25231.09236% India
0Dr_Monkey21220.95129% France
0JL|FilsDePute19260.73043% France
0_fly18270.67026% Germany

1[RUSS]julia38192136% Russian Federation
1-NC-angst31311135% Sweden
1#!RE25300.83026% Russian Federation
0FlaskStealsRL26161.63124% Russian Federation
0JAZZOCC23221.05032% Germany
0Newbee|Scarlett18320.56120% Sweden
02019nCoV7160.44016% Russian Federation
0Mero|tee|-120-0.05010% Switzerland
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