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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 18 players | 2020-05-13T21:57:09.765Z

2yourFEAR47261.81240% Germany
2Krawattenbinder22250.88126% Germany
1IndyRef226280.93024% Italy
1Behemoth14290.48021% France
1Darmfee9200.45122% Germany
0Douglas_Jones15330.45017% Australia
0Stockbrot00000% Germany

3Bot33281.18048% Italy
2Zack26221.18120% Germany
2Phantomas10250.4017% Mexico
1Maisels_Weisse14170.82120% Germany
0VoiceOfTruth36231.57235% Russian Federation
0Filipowicz19111.73039% Germany
0justapingthing18161.13036% Australia
0smallHorror321.5229% Australia
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