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insta_ctf asgard | public | 27 players | 2020-05-13T16:28:35.720Z

1olive10160.63032% Italy
1konichiWAAA090014% France
0fatmonkeygenius65125.42045% Germany
0addixn3284049% India
0darky23211.1147% Belarus
0Hector21151.4032% United States
0hurt_fillings17220.77038% Germany
0(&)Mostaccioli1371.86041% Italy
0bin_schon_tot212025% Germany
0Janitor150.208% Germany
0RED|Klikrzys02000% Russian Federation
0=[U-F-O]=-519-0.2600% France

0w00p|ySoSrs47162.94063% United Kingdom
0PeasePudding33261.27043% Italy
0Gintonic29271.07034% Italy
0~Q~15141.07046% Italy
0Dr_Monkey11190.58126% France
0KRL(RUS)9250.36034% Russian Federation
0Keule8160.5019% Germany
0(&)Tagliatelle8180.44018% France
0pb8210.38025% Germany
0Maqx[Flips]7220.32015% Germany
0makh2220.0916% Uganda
0GenghisKhan04000% Germany
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