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insta_ctf spcr | public | 14 players | 2020-05-10T23:11:43.262Z

2Blade_Runner10280.36021% Russian Federation
1josh10200.5117% Australia
1NarcS_aRe_CrazY7190.37018% United States
1damnnoob6230.2606% Portugal
0bensocket32201.6126% Australia
0newguy1110100% Australia

2mov82155.47050% Australia
2(covide10000029210.43115% Russian Federation
2[tBMC]tnyELVIS!4120.3309% Australia
1JustMe22250.88122% Australia
0Lt.DipShit16170.94220% Australia
0Phantomas15240.63027% Mexico
0mayo15260.58023% Australia
oom_reaper Germany
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