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insta_ctf mbt12 | public | 22 players | 2020-05-10T22:31:54.140Z

2[tBMC]phobo22250.88020% Australia
2damnnoob14220.64017% Portugal
1addixn46212.19144% India
1Rayhawkings32291.1032% Germany
0IndyRef223221.05219% Italy
0vG^Sauce19250.76123% United States
0(&)Gemelli18210.86221% Italy
0(&)Fideos17280.61318% France
0(covide100000211210.52418% Russian Federation
0josh690.67112% Australia

3JustMe26300.87029% Australia
310101014280.5214% Germany
1bensocket25270.93025% Australia
1(&)Penne21102.1038% Australia
1mayo14131.08023% Australia
1Lears8180.44123% Russian Federation
1Phantomas8240.33120% Mexico
0VoiceOfTruth20141.43033% Russian Federation
0Winston15330.45014% United Kingdom
0AR|Sh1n0b1221028% Australia
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