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insta_ctf infamy | public | 25 players | 2020-05-08T21:26:08.623Z

2|DM|iZuck55163.44244% Germany
2F!!!***39182.17322% Turkey
20_026201.3032% United States
1Toranaga9230.3909% Switzerland
1InkyBoi8180.44116% Australia
1[fr]Green>F-O-X8180.44017% France
1RocketSauce7160.44010% Australia
1[tBMC]subbed74623033% Australia
0Mr.Jackpots4100.408% Australia

2pimp34201.7057% Germany
1Zoch46182.56040% Switzerland
0Kopatel19250.76118% Russian Federation
0(&)Gemelli12170.71022% Italy
0ЫTЬ12200.6115% Russian Federation
0IndyRef29150.6126% Italy
0Fo.08210.38022% Switzerland
0Bossanova6180.33027% Italy
0ThyArtisMurder4140.29016% Germany
0ICC|AUPC00000% Italy
0Waterpoof01000% Germany
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