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insta_ctf forge | public | 25 players | 2020-05-05T18:43:31.206Z

3DiniMuetter26102.6023% Switzerland
2!s]Obstriegel23121.92045% Germany
2[RUSS]Messer14131.0805% Russian Federation
1hummus15151034% Germany
1B@@l12111.09015% Germany
1Жыcтянщиг670.86119% Belarus
1DeathKnight_HUN340.75015% Hungary
0getz4276041% Germany
0gulabogulab16151.07020% Germany

0Phantomas13210.62021% Mexico
0Starve11260.42027% Czech Republic
0makh9170.53010% Uganda
0RedTurtleX7210.3308% Australia
0Jeff422057% Japan
0UkrainaForever470.57237% Ukraine
0ZEZEA160.1709% France
0shottyyyy019000% United States
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